Dr. Ted Baehr,
The movie Million Dollar Baby by Clint Eastwood has come under a lot of blast lately calling the movie a “neo-Nazi” film. In the article by Dr. Ted Baehr he claims that Eastwood is glamorizing euthanasia. He claims that it makes “death better then disability.” I do not believe this movie is glamorizing euthanasia about rather showing one of the many sides of the issue. Eastwood has received a lot of hostility from the handicapped that say his movie makes “death better then disability.” This is unfair because the girl in the movie is not just sort of handicapped she is a head in a bed. With no hope of recovering and with death coming closer and closer due to complications from her not being able to move she is the equivalent of a terminally ill cancer patient. Although I believe some people could make the best out of the situation and continue to live happy lives I do believe that the others that cannot do this should be able to end their misery. For someone whose whole life and her happiness revolves around a sport that required full usage of your body and to have that all taken away from you in a second would be beyond devastating. Now that the only reason in her mind that she lived for was gone she was ready to die. To say that Million Dollar Baby is a neo-Nazi movie is preposterous. Eastwood is not glamorizing euthanasia, he is however shinning some light on a topic that has been swept under the rug for years. Like all other great movies he wanted it to make you think. This is not the world of “1984” that we live in people can express themselves however they please without being censored. Clint Eastwood’s movie Million Dollar Baby is in no way a neo-Nazi film. You Dr. are just trying to find something in nothing.