Dear Dr. Ted Baehr,
I understand how you can perceive a film like “Million Dollar Baby” to be a parallel to the Nazi film “I Accuse”, but what I don't understand is what made you feel this way. “Million Dollar Baby” shows how a young girl develops the world around her, makes relationships with unlikely people, and has all that taken away. Unfortunately her end involves the use of active euthanasia, is this something that you thought that paralleled the Nazi idea of a mercy killing? You stated that Hitler's killing of the mentally and physically disabled was comparable to what Frankie (Clint Eastwood) did, but how could it be? Frankie acted out of love, it was not only his passion but his principles that moved his hand to end Maggie's life. In all honesty I would have acted in the same manner, my father who is a paraplegic and has been one for twelve years now. I have been there stuck in the hospital, helping your loved ones cope with the fact that they may never be able to walk again, or may be stuck without being able to even move. It's a depressing sight for those around the one that is injured, so imagine how the person who is actually suffering feels. Besides the main question is to be or not to be, to live or to die, to act or not to act; and in this case of Maggie she has the choice to live or to die and she chose death. Unlike those that fell victim to the holocaust she had the ability to decide her own fate. So I ask again, what aspect of this movie makes it into Neo-Nazi propaganda?

Sincerely Ryan Trude