Dear Dr. Theodore Baehr,
Comparing “Million Dollar Baby” to the Holocaust is simply corrupt. People like you believe that euthanasia is the killing of millions of people. While the rest of us believe that no one shall suffer if the sufferer does not want to. While you say that the movie puts the message of “death better than disability”, which could actually be the story.
“Million Dollar Baby” shows a woman, Maggie, who had everything going in the world for her and then she lost everything. Maggie wanted to become a boxer and was shot down by the person she looked up to the most, Frankie, but kept practicing. Frankie decided to take her in after he lost his best fighter. She become one of the best, and lost it all in an instant when she became a quadriplegic, from a blow to the head. Maggie’s state of life would be hard with anyone to cope with. She lived for a couple months trying her hardest to live with her condition. The truth is she could not do the one thing she loved anymore, and her family only loved her money. The only person she had was Frankie, and she was miserable.
Frankie did murder Maggie, but Maggie was miserable and her quality of life disappeared. No one wanted her and she could not do the one thing that she lived for, boxing. Maggie wanted to die, and in the Holocaust people killed people they did not like or approve of, that had not wanted to die.
Would it be okay if your wife wanted to die because she was constantly sick and already dying from her chemotherapy. It is selfish to make your wife live in pain. My aunt is in constant pain from Rheumatoid Arthritis. There have been bed-ridden days of excruciating pain and when she gets sick she has to go the hospital because she has no immune system. She has tried chemotherapy, tanning beds, acupuncture, and many other out of the ordinary treatments. She still has pain. Her husband has constant pain from his fused back from breaking his neck. He has the same pain levels, if not worse, as she does. If they would want to die, the only reason why I would be mad at them is if they had euthanasia with out one another. Some way when they are together they can make each others pain go away with their love for each other. If you were a man of faith, why don’t you have the faith in people to make good decisions about euthanasia. For euthanasia killing millions of people, we have to have faith in the doctors and the people deciding for euthanasia, that they are making the best possible decisions for themselves, because if God had not wanted people to end sufferings with euthanasia he would control us all.