Dear Dr. Theodore Baehr,
Million Dollar Baby was one of the best movies I have seen in a long time, emotional, witty and thought provoking. I am sure a lot of people enjoyed it as much as I did, and I am also sure that the message that most people got from the movie wasn’t that euthanasia should be the right choice to make when you are terminally ill, as you have “Accused”. After watching the movie I was grateful for what I have, and how wonderful my life is. My life could have turned out like the main character in Million Dollar baby, Maggie, when she was reaching her full potential; she was paralyzed from the neck down ending her career as a professional boxer. You “Accused” Million Dollar Baby to do a neo-Nazi movie. That Clint Eastwood is forcing terminally ill people to kill them self’s and showing hatred towards the handicapped. I understand if you were angry at the movie, but usually when people are unhappy with a movie they just walk out of the theater.
I also understand that you may be coming from a personal side, your wife and yourself have been through tough times, and I couldn’t even imagine what you may be going through.
We clearly have different opinions, and most of the world does too. There are some who cant get over their disabilities, they are miserable, and rotting away (in Maggie’s case). On the other hand there are some that find ways to over come, and conquer their depression.
I am very active in the surfing community and a friend of mine was surfing and fell the wrong way, paralyzing him from the waist down. He was one of the best surfers I have ever seen, instead of choosing to end his life, he learned ways to cope, and enjoys himself out in the water again. He fought through and is just happy to be alive everyday.
Everyone is different, every disability is different, and people handle things differently.
The main character, Maggie, fought her way into this world and kept fighting, with her 300 pound selfish mother, and other family members just as condescending and selfish, she fought everyday to reach her dream, never giving up. She has been working very hard her whole life, and finically got a brake. She meets her coach that is a sour old man, who acts tuff and refuses to train her at first. After persistently asking him to train her he gives in and slowly things start to go her way. She was being trained to be a professional boxer; learning fast, and moving up in the Wight divisions quickly. During the biggest fight she was paralyzed from the neck down. Her new life of fame and fortune was over. She could not live with herself, she told her coach that she lived her life and got her chance to be great. She wants to die with honor, and not falling apart. She didn’t beg to be allowed to commit suicide; she wanted to die in Peace and dignity.
Comparing this great movie to the holocaust is absurd. Everyone’s perspective is different on euthanasia. Life is a gift and people should cherish it to the fullest. Unfortunately some people are not as lucky as others, some are diagnose with terminally ill diseases and some are paralyzed from the neck down, that isn’t living life, in my opinion. The people with the same opinion as me should have the ability to end their suffering.

Million Dollar Baby was showing, that no matter what, don’t give up. Euthanasia was never the main subject. That is just how the movie ended. It was a moving, and eye opening movie, the farthest from a neo-Nazi movie.
Ming Hui