Dear Doctor Ted Baehr,
I think that it is very narrow minded to think that the remarkable film "Million Dollar Baby" is of any relativity of the film "I Accuse" because that film was about killing innocent people, while this film is about an innocent person making her own decision and giving consent to her death.
Maggie was an amazing woman. She never ever gave up in the movie even though many at first glance either underestimated her or criticized her. Even through all this trifle, she never once said die. She obvoiously loved life. In the movie she gets to be trained by Frankie (Clint Eastwood). It is clear that he is very stubborn but in the end he ends up loving Maggie as the audience does also. Maggie had no control on what happened to her. It was an unfortunate event that led to the hard decision of life or death. Obviously it was a very dirty move pulled by a vulgar fighter.
In the film, Maggie is very athethic. She runs in the morning on the beach, trains in the afternoon, then sleeps and wakes up and does it all over again. Her life was dependent on her legs and her body in activities. It was made clear that being active was very important to her and that she loved it all so much. When Maggie was paralyzed she didn't get to do any of the things that had made her happy not long ago. She wasn't able to run, train, fight, or even breathe on her own. She was imprisioned in a body that could not so much as control its bodily fluids. She began to get bed sores because she was not turned enough. Yes, it is true. Frankie had a part in her death, but there was consent. Maggie not only begged to be let go, she demanded it!
A person's body belongs to that person. If there is consent i do not see a problem in helping someone to die and have the freedom they desire. as far as the "glamming up suicide" goes, I hardly think that is what the producers were trying to output. THe issue of assisted suicide is reality, whether it be in a hospital or in private. The output I think that the producers were trying to project was that there are reasons to assisted suicide. That it is a mercy killing and not a murder. That it is not as evil as one would think. Christians believe in God's will, faith, and hope.
I realize Dr. Baehr, that you may have taken this film personal because your wife is ill and i see how you can come to the conclusion that this film is putting a value on life. But this film is not a green flag to go ahead and start commiting suicide or assisting suicide. It simply told the story of how far love can go between two people.
I do not know God, but I know enough to believe that it is not in God's will for one of his children to suffer and have nothing to look forward to but death. I believe that God's will can be switched and if it is then God being God already knows what is going to happen and if Christians believe in his will and that his will will be done then Frankie helping Maggie to die was in that will. Therefore, God knew what was to happen. And if God doesn't want something to happen it will not. But I've learned there is a reason to everything he does and assisted suicide is in his reasoning. So Dr. Baehr, Clint Eastwood is not the next Hitler and this film is nowhere parallel to the film i accuse. Thank you for your time in reading this response.