Dear Mr.Baehr,
I must first say, that although I do see where it could be possible for you to come to the conclusion that perhaps, through your eyes, Mr. Baehr, the action portrayed in the movie, “Million Dollar Baby” where Frankie (played by Clint Eastwood) gives drugs to Maggie (Hillary Swank) to ultimately follow though on her decision to end her own dehabilitated life might not match up with your seemingly closed-minded religious beliefs, I can say without hesitation, that I do not agree that “Million Dollar Baby” is anything more than a movie, let alone a Neo-Nazi Movie.
Catholics and Christians always seem to have the opinion, matching up with yours Mr.Baehr, that ‘love should never trump conscious.’ But if you really love someone, wouldn’t the idea of putting that person through unbearable situations and pain not be an option for you? How did you feel, watching your wife go through the chemotherapy that left her body deteriated from its prior state, and made her a shell of her old self? That’s what I don’t understand. Now I’m not asking, why you didn’t kill your wife, after seeing the pain that chemo caused, Mr. Baehr, but a broader question of- how did it feel to sit there and watch her be in pain? I assume you would be lying to both of us, if you were to say that you never once wished that you could just take her pain away, most likely not through death, but a way to take it away nonetheless. Love should always trump conscious because your love determines conscious. Without love for something, isn’t it always just a little more bearable to see it go under less than favorable conditions? And even, if not, then more than likely it’s less bearable because you relate it to something you do love and through relating that, it makes you sad.
It’s understandable, Mr. Baehr, that under the dictionary definition taking someone else’s life is ‘murder’ but humanity isn’t cold and unable to feel emotion like a dictionary. Humanity is warm, and understanding, people that whether or not they like it- do posses the capability of feelings. And unless you have no emotions, I don’t understand how you could stand there and see the person that you love, go through the unbearable whatever it may be.
Christians say ‘God is a just God,’ so how its possible that people have taken ‘just’ to mean that if you help take away the pain of your loved ones when it is obvious that that there will be no other end to their pain, or their situation has been reduced to that in “Million Dollar Baby” which there is no alternative to being a moveable head in a bed, that to take away that pain is murder and breaks one of the holy 10 Commandments and commend them to Hell for eternity? Humans have taken the role of God, who ushers to “Do onto others what you wish for them to do onto you,” as they have done it many other aspects of life on Earth and turned it into a game of judging others and deeming those who are ‘holy’ and ‘unholy’.
Your final line, Mr. Baehr, “real Christian conservatives support life, not murder” may, perhaps be an accurate description for the opinion of Webster’s Dictionary, but in the Human world of caring and compassion, it is an inaccurate assumption to say that someone taking away the intense pain of a loved one is to the likes of a spurned ex boyfriend going on a killing rampage for being broken up with’ and an insult to those who’s love determines conscious.
Most sincerely,