Dear Dr. Theodore Baehr,

This was the first time I had seen “Million Dollar Baby”. After seeing the movie I thought to myself that that was a good movie. I then was handed an article that compared the movie I had just seen about a woman making it in the boxing world to the murder of thousands of innocent Jews and other groups by the Nazis’. The movie was about a woman who started training and fighting at 31 years old. She went to the only guy she knew that was skilled enough and smart enough to help her win. At first he refused to train her but eventually gave in and turned her into a winner. When I looked up Dr. Ted Baehr I found out that he is a Christian journalist who reviews movies for a website that he started. Among other articles we has wrote lately is one that talks about parents bringing their kids to watch movies on Halloween about Jesus instead of going out and trick or treating. I realized after that that he is just taking the Christian way and not wanting the death of her to come from euthanasia. He is right in what he says about her giving up and dying early. But to compare the holocaust to a single lady who came from nothing to fight her way to the top only to crash hard is like comparing water to a desert, it just isn’t the same two things.

Him saying that all the people who are paralyzed and handicapped are insulted by this movie because it shows them that it is better for them to take the easy way out is just not direct enough. The people have a right to choose what they want to do to their own life in critical conditions and for Maggie in the movie death was the better option. She wanted to die then to live with a mother who just wanted her money and move on and a sister who is a dead beat with kids of her own living at home off of mommy and trying to take her money. She saw it as the right way to go. To compare that to a holocaust then she would have had to have someone else to take her life for her to just killer her and not grant her wish. So in closing I just want to say that this article is not a Neo-Nazi movie and that this article moves away from and stretch the truth out of many different unrelated sources to get its point across.