Dear Doctor Baehr,

If you truly love and person you will let them go. Euthanasia is a personal choice and it is no one’s business other then the person and their families. Euthanasia is just what it means, mercy killing. I do believe that there is danger of the ‘slippery slope’ but is there danger of anther holocaust in other countries where it is illegal to euthanize, yes. The movie “Million Dollar Baby” is in no way a Neo-Nazi film. It doesn’t even go into if killing ‘Maggie’ was right. It is about the difficult choice of one man, choosing to give himself to the one person he loves even though that will kill.
In the movie Maggie, the women being euthanized, says that she came in this world fighting and will go out fighting to. She knew what she wanted and knew the consequence. He had informed consent. Also when Maggie asked the first time for help killing herself he did not agree. It took three botched suicide attempts to get him to concede. Yes you could then say that this was just one case but then that would put a hole in your argument sir. This was one case made up by Hollywood, to make a good tear jerker movie. It never goes it to saying that this is what all handicapped people want or should have done to them. I cannot see how you got form Hollywood mush to World War two Germany.
If this movie were trying to make a statement then it could be on the health care system. If Maggie had received better care, not getting bed sores, having a physiatrist, being with others like her, then maybe she would of chose to live, or even having a nurse who looked who was going into patients rooms would have saved Maggie. That I thought was a clear message put out by the movie. It could have even been about the dangerous of fighting as a sport. But how some one could jump from Nazi to Hollywood is beyond me.
Concerning your wife I hope she is doing well. After seeing this movie has she suddenly decided that living with caner is too much? Has this one movie changed what she has been brought up to believe? I think not. People had there opinions before they saw this movie and will continue that way after. The only person here trying to tell people what to think is you and your review of movies. “Million Dollar Baby” is a good tear jerking film that is made to make movie by causing an emotional response as it obviously did on you, sir. Clint Eastwood is not out to get any one he is just doing his job. I hope sir that you can realize that if you are looking for the devil you will find him, but he is not Clint Eastwood.
If you were to think this movie was about mercy killing you could say the same for other films we watch in our high school. “One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest” for example. A movie where a bunch of people in need of physiatrist help are medicated, abused and belittled into consent. In the end one man is suffocated without consent because he friend thought he wouldn’t want that life. Or even the movie “Of Mice and Men”. In the end the retarded character is killed once again with out consent because he friend thinks that is what was best for him. Both of those movies had killings without consent of handicapped peoples. If you want to call “Million Dollar Baby” a neo-Nazi film first look at other movies that are common on our schools.
I do agree though that 'Frankie' should not have killed 'Maggie'. He was not a doctor. Yes he has had many years fixing people up but it shouldn't have been his call. Things like that are slightly Kevorkian. All life is precious and it is not for one guilt ridden friend to decided when it should end. When she did want to die it would have been more accepted if she had gone to a state that allowed that. It was wrong to put 'Frankie' in that position.
This movie is very sad but in no way close to the Nazi film. It's about a tragic hero finding his fatal flaw and that causing his undoing. I hope that you can see the movie in this way and see that it is just a movie. We can not over analyze every little detail in a movie for hidden meanings. This is a great movie and should just be seen as that. I hope your wife recovers well and you have a nice day.